Kakizaki means flower blossoms on a tree in Japanese inspired by the name of town in Nigata.

Kakizaki loves delicate and feminine jewellery as all ladies do and proud of providing Korean and Japanese designer fashion jewellery.

We hope you enjoy our high quality jewellery at reasonable prices which we can deliver with many years of experience in jewellery design and merchandising.


Product Care

Our jewellery has been hand crafted using mixed metals, beads, semi precious stones, chain and other embellishments.

Most of our jewellery components are put together by hand. Please take care when wearing.

Our mixed metal pieces have been crafted using a variety of different metals. Our non-precious chains are usually steel or brass. Unless specified sterling silver or gold, the components we use are silver or gold plated.

Please take care when using personal care items such as perfume and lotions, as some metals can react to these items which may result in the metals tarnishing, marking, and/or discolouring.